Designing the modern workplace

In 2013 I was asked to design a new headquarters facility for Sound United that had to house multiple teams, an executive suite, as well as listening rooms and represented our company's mission to "Amplify emotion through immersive audio experiences. Prior I had done some retail experiences and worked on the creative direction for Sound United's CES 2 store audio exhibitions, but I had never designed a space this large for approximately 150 people.

Each team works very differently so their needs had to be studied and then designed for. The design and marketing teams are hyper collaborative and prefers natural light, so a completely open space with large tables, a variety of different shared work spaces, concrete floors an 18' x 22' roll up door and a WiFi networked monster audio system that anyone could DJ to from their phone. In stark contrast, the finance team prefers quiet solitude so a network of small private offices and waled workspaces were built under skylights. While inside sales split the difference with lots of small one on one interactions that necessitated long banked work stations and small tables were quick conversations could be had.

The result is a collection of interwoven spaces joined by brightly colored spaces to work and play together that has the feel of a large Silicon Valley start up in Souther California.