Design Every Thing

This simple three word motto led to a unique journey.

My focus on applied creativity has spread across a broad set of experiences in many industries, across multiple disciplines of design.


Consumer Electronics

Footwear and Softgoods

Automotive and Transportation

Timepieces and Accessories

CPG and Personal Care

Professional and Consumer Medical

Toys and Juvenile Products


Product and Brand Strategy

Innovation and Ecosystem Definition

Brand Positioning and Branding

Product Definition and Insight Gathering

Industrial and Product Design

Packaging and POP Design

User Experience Design

Featured in the books below


"I want to draw stuff from the future"

Me, age 13

At age 13, this is what I told people I wanted to do when I grew up. It still might be the most accurate description of what I do.

Some of the companies I have enjoyed collaborating with


Featured Projects

The ability to rapidly visualize ideas to explore, iterate, communicate, and inspire has been central to my professional practice in bringing hundreds of products to market.

Developing a common design language across multiple iconic vehicles.

Redefining an iconic American audio brand.

Evolving a hero athlete into an ideal through product.

Taking a premium audio brand into the smart home space.